Vacuum Gauge

Pressure measurement (vacuum measurement) is a basic technology required for research, development, production technology, quality control and manufacturing processes.

ULVAC proudly produces highly reliable vacuum gauges and vacuum measurement equipment for use in a wide range of fields.

ULVAC Transducer Type - G-TRAN Series

Transducer Type - G-TRAN Series

The G-TRAN Series are vacuum gauges developed to meet the need for more centralized and compact systems by
•  lowering equipment costs
•  saving space, and
•  reducing wiring.

G-TRAN Series models come in basic types: sensor units and display units. Units can also be combined to adapt to the desired application.

ULVAC Capacitance Manometer - CCMT-D Series

Capacitance Manometer

The CCMT-D series is a capacitance manometer which detects static electric capacitance occurring when a barrier membrance made of ceramic (alumina) is deformed by changes in gas pressure.

ULVAC Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Pirani Vacuum Gauge

This is a wide range pirani vaccum gauge which measures from atmospheric pressure to 5x10-2Pa. In addition, this gauge removes control and display panels from traditional controllers, keeping the minimum necessary functions only, thus saving cost and space.

ULVAC Hot Cathode Type Ionization Vacuum Gauge

Hot Cathode Type

This series is hot cathode type ionization vacuum gauge capable of measuring pressure in the 9.9 to 5x10-8Pa.

ULVAC Extremely High Vacuum Gauge

Extremely High Vacuum Gauge

AxTRAN is a hot cathode type ionization vacuum gauge with a Bessel Box type energy filter installed between the ion source and the ion collector. This design provides a measurement resolution of 0.5×10-10Pa by reducing the residual current due to soft X-rays and Electron Stimulated Desorption (ESD) ions.