Customer Support

ULVAC Customer Support Solutions, bringing together the wisdom of the group

We provide a full spectrum of customer support, ranging from introduction and operation of equipment, field support, evaluation and analysis, supply of materials and parts, to maintenance of vacuum pumps and other products, on a global basis as part of our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction after they purchase equipment.

In order to make sure that we can meet increasingly diverse and sophisticated demands in the future, we are further exploring invaluable services by bringing together the wisdom of our group companies, including the original technologies and service knowhow that they have developed through their own efforts, so as to support customers to enable them to achieve satisfaction in their production activities. Another aim is to create even more sophisticated vacuum technologies and services by taking customer needs into consideration in the development of new equipment.

ULVAC Customer Support

System Installation

ULVAC offers complete installation service. We are able to install many kinds of vacuum systems such as Sputtering, PVD/CVD, Etching systems and so on.

We also provide training for our customers to handle system control.

ULVAC Customer Support System Installation

Pump Servicing

Our customer support division consists of trained engineers/technicians capable of providing a full service for many kinds of vacuum equipments and vacuum systems including annual overhaul, maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.

Our engineers are fully trained to carry out servicing and repairs for all types of vacuum pumps. We can service not only ULVAC pumps but also pumps by other manufacturers.

We aim to become one of the leading companies in the field of vacuum pump services in the Southeast Asia region.

ULVAC Customer Support Pump Servicing

Equipment Maintenance

ULVAC is a leading provider of engineering and technical services of equipment maintenance for many famous companies around the world.

We offer technical issue advisory, planning, designing, systems engineering, troubleshooting, and other technical assistance to our clients. We also provide maintenance servicing for a wide range of equipment for power plant, infrastructure, and other industries.

Our headquarter is located in Chigasaki Japan, and the ULVAC group has approximately 5,000 employees in a network of offices in more than 12 countries around the world.

ULVAC Customer Support Equipment Maintenance

Target Bonding / Parts Cleaning

In ULVAC, we provide Part Cleaning and Target Bonding services for a wide range of vacuum equipment and systems.

ULVAC Singapore has collaboration with ULVAC Materials, Inc. to provide sputtering targets to meet each individual customer's requirements.

In addition, ULVAC provides surface treatment onto the shields surface to increase product life expectancy and particle reduction. Sampling evaluation is also available upon request.

ULVAC Customer Support